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Robert Frost Farm
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2005 Robert Frost Youth Poet Program Winning Poets and Poems

Meg Ficarra
Teacher, Mrs. Tracie Carpenter
Conant School
152 South St.
Concord, NH 03301


Flowing blue lakes
Turn from crystal snowflakes.
Rushing clear white streams
Shoot from blackened rocktop beams.
Along the watery edge
Water rushes off the pinetop ledge.
All the water comes to cling
To New Hampshire's new Spring.

Belknap County Poet

Carley Short
Teacher, Mrs. Turk
New Hampton Community School
191 Main St.
New Hampton, NH 03256

	New Hampshire

The purple finch sails the
Air back to its nest full of
Newly hatched chicks.  The water
Fall roars as it crashes down.
Brook trout swim in streams
Over flowed with all the
April rain.  Red spotted newts
Swim in small bodies of
Water.   Buds sprout from 
Trees, graceful karner blue butterflies
Flutter about lilac to lilac.
Mother bears climb from
Their dens with curious cubs
Behind them.  Young white tailed 
Deer leap about.  Lady bugs crawl up
My window.  Soft breezes carry 
Sweet aromas while swaying skinny 
White birch trees.

Belknap County Honorable Mention

James McKinzie
Teacher, Mrs. Douglas
Woodland Heights School
Winter St.
Laconia, NH 03246

Spring In New Hampshire

	Spring is here!
The flowers,
Smell fresh,
		The trees smell like green grass,
The fresh air is crisp like a chip,
There are butterflies fluttering,
	Like pollen,
		Floating in the sky,
		Flies are buzzing around,
			Like planes in the sky,
		The trees,
			Are budding,
				Like fresh,
					Spring flowers.
The sun is brighter,
		Like a brand new light bulb,
Are wiggling in the earth below us.
Slugs are squirming,
		Making trails in the dirt.
	Don't put salt on this poor creature,
		Snails are crawling,
		With shells of armor.
		And the Spring,
			Is the best,
			There is.

Carroll County--No entries this year.

Cheshire County Poet

Alexis Andrus
Teacher, Ms. Laurel Powell
Chesterfield Elementary School
535 Old Chesterfield Rd.
P.O. Box 205
Chesterfield, NH 03443

	Old Man Granite

	Birch are sitting near, trout jumping high,
Old Man Granite watching.
Zillions of zinnias laughing at jokes.
The wind whispers and flitty finches sing their song.
Old Man Granite quietly saying, "New Hampshire, New Hampshire."
Old Man Granite tripped and fell,
And now sits there waiting, waiting for life again.

Cheshire County Honorable Mention

Leigh Chickering
Teacher, Ms. Darlene Dunn
Chesterfield Elementary School
535 Old Chesterfield Rd.
P.O. Box 205
Chesterfield, NH 03443

	Peaceful Nature

Tulip swaying in the wind.  Strawberry, banana,
Tangerine tulip waking up tired but happy to
See magnificent day.

Bright beautiful sunset singing softly in the 
Distance.  The tropical sunset dancing in the breeze.

Lime green mountains tall, handsome and
Mighty watching from far away.

Shadow green soft crowded sleeping grass
Shivering in the swirling air.

Coos County Poet

Emily Wood
Teacher, Ms. Isabelle Kleinschradt
Lancaster School
51 Bridge St.
Lancaster, NH 03584

	The Lovely Things That Happen In Spring

Every year Spring comes around,
Though many people can't hear
	The wind's sound.

The bugs come around and help
	The flowers bloom,
The flowers seem to be awakening
	From their tomb.

There are so many showers in 
	April and May,
They would be nice on a hot
	Summer day.

When spring comes, the snow
Starts to melt away,
And soon birds will have eggs
	To lay.

Every year spring comes around,
Though many people can't hear the
	Wind's sound.

Coos County Honorable Mention

Grace Ezyk
Teacher, Ms. Amy Hook
Lancaster School
51 Bridge St.
Lancaster, NH 03584

	A Little Taste of Spring

	The ground is no longer white
With snow,
	The cold harsh wind no longer
	For it is Spring in New Hampshire,
	How do we know?
	Because the velvet petals of
Wild flowers are in bloom,
	And letting out such fragrant fumes.
	The birds are singing so beautifully,
	Their voices make me never want to
	Spring here is so beautiful to see,
	I hope you like it as much as me.

Grafton County Poet

Helen Tosteson
Teacher, Ms. Ragonese
Lyme Elementary School
Rte. 10
Lyme, NH 03768

Spring in New Hampshire

A graceful doe nudges its unsure newborn
To enter the blooming world.

The spotted newborn sees
The New Hampshire world
Coming to life through its soft brown eyes.

A laughing brook rolls along,
Inviting any passerby

The sunshine glows
With new life,
And wonder.

Peeper songs ring again and again,
Echoing .  . . . 

Flower buds peep out shyly
From the grass.

The newborn now bounds
Into the fresh unique world
With no more nudges--

It's Spring!

Grafton County Honorable Mention

Alex Brown
Teacher, Ms. Alice Eberhardt
Bernice A. Roy Elementary School
3 Resevoir Rd.
Hanover, NH 03755

	A Day on the Porch

The sun warms my back,
As the shade cools me.
At the same time
The taste of humid air
In my mouth
Is drying my throat.
The smell of pine wood
Fills my nose.
Cars race by,
On the road.
A splash fills my ears
And a beetle
Crawls lightly across a leaf.
The sounds of children
Come to my ears
They sound like birds
Chirping on a summer day.
It feels like Spring
Is here at last.

Hillsborough County Poet

Emma MacDonald
Teacher, Ms. Shailagh Curry
Hollis Upper Elementary School
12 Drury Lane
Hollis, NH 03049

	Signs of Spring

I feel the wind blowing gently
Across my face and chilling my heels
And ankles.

I hear the wind whistling quietly,
Wind chimes singing their own soft,
Sweet melody, birds chirping sweet tunes
And the chipmunks scurrying and chatting
To each other.

I see early flowers blooming, the trees
Swaying in the gentle breeze, my swingset,
The last mounds of snow melting and the
Birds, chipmunks and squirrels feeding at
The bird feeders.

I smell the pine tree's needles and the 
Flower's buds beautiful fragrance.

And right now I can almost taste that
Delicious, gooey, golden-brown, sticky
Sensation of home-made Maple Syrup.

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention

Shannon Kerrigan
Teacher, Mrs. Moesel
Griffin Memorial School
229 Charles Bancroft Hwy.
Litchfield, NH 424-5931

	A Walk Through Nature

As I walk I see
Tall lush green trees
As strong as soldiers.

Small and large brooks
Run through the woods
And bathe the ground.

Vibrantly colored flowers
Fill the air
With sweet lavender.

Deer and sparrows
Dance around the trees
And pick off the crisp leaves.

I glance at the bumblebees
And ladybugs working hard
Landing on bushes and twigs.

Moss lays
Up and down the trees
Like a blanket.

The tranquility and grace
Is so peaceful
In the woods

The woods is the treasure of my backyard.

Merrimack County Poet

Sarah Smith
Teacher, Mrs. Paula Bonner
Conant School
152 South St.
Concord, NH 03301


Yellow daffodils stretch out their petals
As if to grab the sky
Violet lilacs sway gently
In the refreshing breeze

White clouds poof like marshmallows
Drifting past the horizon
Crystal clear breezes
Swirl around me like a warm blanket

Karner Blues plan their dainty feet
On maple tree's maroon leaves
Black flies land on tan skin
Sucking red juicy blood

Black bears lift their sleepy heads
Prowling around for a tasty meal
White-tailed fawns are born
Learning how to become deer.

Merrimack County Honorable Mention

Julia Finch
Teacher, Ms. Bonnie Noyes
Conant School
152 South St.
Concord, NH 03301


Spring is here now
And now to stay
Winter time
Has gone away

Monarchs flutter 
Through the air
Waking up
Is a black bear

Red tailed hawks
Soar in the breeze
A cardinal has built
A nest in the trees

Red tulips
Have bud
There now is 
A puddle of mud

Animals come out 
Of hibernation
And birds come back
From migration

Through the wood a
White tailed deer leaps
Behind a tree
A coyote creeps

In a marsh
A turtle walks
Up in the sky
A blue jay squawks

Spring is lovely
Day and night
My favorite season
Is here all right

Rockingham County Poet

Laura Somogie
Teacher, Ms. Beverly Peeke
Barnard School
219 Main Ave.
South Hampton, NH 03827

	On to Nature's Door

Can you feel the spring's light breeze,
That sweeps away the winter's freeze,
The sky's so sweet, yet lays so still,
As raindrops tap my window sill.

Flowers bloom and grow and praise,
As the sun behind the cloud seems to raise.
Snowy white fields turn to green,
Bugs so mindless yet so keen.

Various animals awake from their sleep,
And another year gone by with memories to keep.
Spring is here, winter's gone,
From dawn to dusk, and dusk to dawn.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention

Tatiana McNeal
Teacher, Ms. Sue Pitman
Hampstead Academy
P.O. Box 1208
Atkinson, NH 03811

	There's A Place Called New Hampshire

There's a place called New Hampshire
Where the flowers like to bloom
Pink and yellow colors
The birds like to zoom
There's a place called New Hampshire
Where the deer like to be
They come out every Spring
Oh what a sight to see
There's a place called New Hampshire
Where the bunnies like to hop
They come out of their holes
And eat all the crops
There's a place called New Hampshire
Where the stars like to shine
They shine so bright
The starry night is fine

Strafford County Poet

Ali Xenos
Teacher, Ms. Aimee Krauss
Rollinsford Grade School
487 Locust St.
Rollinsford, NH 03869


Butterflys everywhere
Fluttering around

Rain drops everywhere
Plopping on the ground

Blades on the grass
Turning bright green

Goodbye windows
Hello screens

The sun gets brighter
Every day

And makes us more happy
Because we have longer to play

I'm so glad
Spring is here

I can't wait
Because summer is near!!

Strafford County Honorable Mention

Karyssa Leigh Bickford
Teacher, Ms. Arabian
Barrington Elementary School
347 Rte. 125
Barrington, NH 03825

	Beautiful New Hampshire

In the morn, I lay awake,
In the sun, for goodness sake.
As I lay soft in bed,
The sun is beating on my head.

I get up, the cool, slim breeze,
Keeps on blowing all over me.
So then I think, IT'S SPRING!  IT'S SPRING!
The flowers are blooming and everything.

I asked someone "Are you going to school today?"
Knowing that I'll have an awesome day.

Like it's better to see clear, than in a blur
It's nice to wake up in Beautiful New Hampshire.

Sullivan County Poet

Sarah Berman
Teacher, Ms. Jonni Nichols
Plainfield School
92 Bonner Rd.
Meriden, NH 03770

	Spring in New Hampshire

Spring in New Hampshire
Loud Spring Showers
Time to laugh and play all day

Spring in New Hampshire
Chicks are born
Flowers bloom

Spring in New Hampshire
Birds do the wake up call
Kids grown another inch tall

Spring in New Hampshire
Bubbling creeks
Shedding of winter clothes

Sullivan County Honorable Mention

Daniel Huot
Teacher, Mrs. Heineman
Towle School
86 N. Main St.
Newport, NH 03773

	The Best Time of Year

In the spring,
When the weather's clear,
Baseball's here.

Sliding home
In muddy dirt,
It can hurt.
Getting tagged out,
Just makes you want to pout.

Getting a home run,
In the bright yellow sun,
Just get on base,
That's all I care
	Even if
It's just by a hair.

In the spring
When the days are clear,
Baseball is the best
	I hear.

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