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2007 Robert Frost Youth Poet Program Winners and Poems


2007 Robert Frost Youth Poet

Katie Gingrich
Gilford Elementary School

Nature Teacher
	The wind is tickling your skin
	Whispering wonderful secrets of life
	The river is trickling down
	Teaching you how to be courageous and strong
	The grass is waving against your ankles
	Reminding you to watch your step
	The flowers sway like a compass
	Pointing to all the possibilities
	Where you will find the place to be
	Free, adventures and exciting
	When you stand there observing nature
	You will learn the ways of life.

Belknap County Poet

Kaitlin Sepulveda
Barnstead Elementary School

Little Sammy my Birdy

	I love my birdy.  I love him so, it was so hard
	When I had to let him go.
	When I had something to tell.
	He listened wisely and listened well.
	He made me feel so special inside like I had
	Nothing I couldn't hide.
	He taught me to appreciate what I have
	Before it's gone.
	I thought of that at the break of dawn.
	I loved my birdy I loved him so, it was
	So hard to let him go.

Cheshire County Poet

Katie Rose Chadbourne
Jaffrey Grade School

Teacher Of The Year

	M	Mrs. Moore was the name posted on the classroom door.
	R	Remarkable is really what she was,
		She is absolutely perfect for what she does.
	S	She made hards into simples,
		She made me laugh and show my dimples.
	M	My Mom loved her too they talked and talked
		About you know who!
	O	Oh how much she taught me,
		She helped me get past my fights, which helped me sleep
		Through the nights.
	O	Only Mrs. Moore would sit and talk to me,
		Even if it was a boring story.
	R	Reading was my difficulty,
		But of course she helped me.
	E	Every day a new memory to keep,
		My second grade year is forever complete.

Coos County Poet

Katherine Keenan
Lancaster School

They Have Taught Me . . .

		Walking in the woods, I see a deer. I freeze, silent, 
		not wanting to scare it away.
	This is what the woods have taught me.
		Fishing in the stream, taking only what I need, and using all of it.  
		This is what my parents have taught me.
		Sitting on the deck, looking at the hills, I see trees being cut.  
		I feel sad.
	This is what the mountains have taught me.
		Standing outside, milking a cow, I don't hurt it.  This is what the farm 
		has taught me.
		Taking a test, doing my best, I get a 100!  This is what my teacher has 
		taught me.
		Walking down the road, I see someone not as fortunate.  I help.  
		This is what everything has taught me.

Coos County Honorable Mention

Jessica Schanlaber
Lancaster School


	When I sit,
	I watch, 
	I smell,
	I hear,
	I feel,
	I feel the wind cold against my face.
	I let the gentle breeze take away my bad thoughts.
	I let the zephyr bring sweet thoughts into my mind.
	I watch the treacherous winds blow in the seemingly never-ending 
	storm, but it reminds me that you can always wait and illuminate 
	them when all is done.
	I smell the different aroma the breeze carries as I breathe deeper 
	in life and finding lots of surprises.
	I hear the wind whispering to me, and telling me to try new things 
	in life, like the fledgling catching the breeze and flying to new places.
	I do all of this,
	When I sit,
	When I watch,
	When I smell,
	When I hear,
	When I feel. 

Grafton County Poet

Jack Doherty
Bernice A. Ray School

As Animal as Teacher

	As nice as a ladybug
	Fluttering around
	As patient as a jaguar
	Never too quick to pounce
	As funny as a monkey
	Making me laugh when Iím down
	As smart as a spider
	Knowing when to weave a web
	As beautiful as a butterfly
	Its colors stand out in the world
	As animal As Teacher

Grafton County Honorable Mention

Amanda Steffey
Crossroads Academy


	Hard tugs on a rope
	Making blisters on his hands.
	The dog slobbers on the other end
	Tugging and soaking the rope.
	The boy falls back on the moist grass,
	The canine sits on his bottom,
	Sliding on the wet, soft, dirt,
	Unable to resist,
	The lab comes over
	Towering over the boy like a bridge
	His curly tail wagging behind.
	The dog stretches out his long pink tongue,
	Licking the boy's face
	Right down the middle.
	The boy wraps his arms around the puppy,
	Whispering into the pup's furry ear,
	"You're my best friend."
	They fall asleep on the grass
	The boy hugging the pup.
	The stars hovering over them.

Hillsborough County Poet

Samantha K. Caveny
Peter Woodbury School

Brilliant Teachers

	As wise as the geese that know to fly south,
	Except, unlike geese, they do not shout.
	They wait upon their pupils' eyes,
	With love more great than a large surprise.
	The give us hope, for grades and more,
	They're better than the best of scores.
	We flourish most because of them,
	They're as valuable as a precious gem.
	As if a second mother or father, with a great mind,
	They know that they should always be kind.
	We try to obey them with gratitude,
	And use our best of attitudes.
	Teachers they are, these wonderful ones,
	Let us celebrate them, as there are a ton.

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention

Bridget Thornton
Mount Saint Mary Academy

Teacher, teacher, help us now,

	Teacher, teacher, show us how.
	Teacher, teacher, 1 2 3,
	Teacher, teacher, help me please.
	Teacher, teacher, she's our friend,
	Teacher, teacher, till the end.
	Teacher, teacher, much to do,
	Teacher, teacher, we love you.

Merrimack County Poet

Brendan Mooney
Bow Elementary School

Moving on

	It all began
	With a mother teaching kids at home
	And thus, we move on
	Then we went to a single room building
	With all 12 grades and one mother teacher
	But we move on
	After that the buildings have more
	Rooms, teachers and schools
	But we will move on
	To a future of high tech schools
	And move on
	And on
	And on

Merrimack County Honorable Mention

Emily Rauseo
Canterbury Elementary School


	They glisten with dew
	They bend their bright leaves
	Toward where I stand.
	They release their fragrant smells
	As if the whole world was happy
	They duplicate
	Again and again
	Embracing the world with flowers.
	The ugly wind tries to blow them away,
	But the blowers stay
	With their tiny roots
	Holding themselves in the ground
	As they bend away from the wind.
	Flowers have taught me something
	There is more than one million pretty things
	In the world.

Rockingham County Poet

Olivia Edwards
Marston Elementary School

This Is A Land

	This is a land where the white birch and the grass
	Lets the wind swish away.
	A land where the crickets hum like orchestras fiddling
	Goodbye to the day.
	This place where ladybugs frolic and the purple
	Finch mimics the whistling wind in the trees.
	Karner blues soar like origami paper places in
	The misty morning breeze.
	This is a land where nature teaches, from mountains 
	To meadows to ocean beaches.
			This is a land.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention

Alex S. Walter
Londonderry South School

Ice melting,

	Water level rising,
	Cars burning the atmosphere,
	Coral reefs losing their color,
	Polar bears dying.
	All of these horrible things
	Are teaching us about
	Global warming.
	We need solutions to save this
	Grim tragedy from continuing
	To kill our earth.
	Take action to figure out
	This reaction.
	Keep our world clean so
	Its beauty can be seen!

Sullivan County Poet

Tia Perry
Plainfield School

Oh Please Teach Me

	Please teach me,
	Oh please teach me!
	Those of nature,
	Those of home,
	Those of school,
	Those of LIFE
	Teach me
	Oh will you?
	Oh will you?
	Teach me, oh will you?
	The teachers,
	Oh the teachers,
	The ones in New Hampshire
	Are the best!

Sullivan County Honorable Mention

Sadie Lappin
Plainfield School


	Come, Child, come
	Young Child, just learning
	To run barefoot through the hills
	Oh, tiny Child, come
	Learn to hear the peepers
	Singing among the evening dew
	Please, Child, come
	And learn to spread summer
	To every mountain and valley.
	September days may teach you math
	But rolling through lush green meadows
	And picking golden buttercups
	Waving gently in the summer breeze
	Only then can you learn
	Truly how to live


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