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2008 Robert Frost Youth Poet Program Winners and Poems


2008 State Youth Poet

Ellie Pschirrer-West
Cynthia Williamson, Teacher
Crossroads Academy

    Someone lifts me from my shelf.
    My pages worn from the calloused fingers
    That have turned me over countless times.
    I have been many places,
    But my true home is a house,
    Number six on a street called Pine.
    I have been on planes to Italy,
    And boats to Maine,
    Yet I do not call these places home.
    My home is warm.
    An electric light flickers on above me.
    I have been cuddled up with in a big
    Warm bed on a rainy March day.
    I have felt the SWOOOSSHH of warm
    Summer wind on my pages
    As I rested on the lap of my avid reader.
    Home is my shelf in a bedroom,
    In a warm New Hampshire house.

Belknap County Poet

Alise Shuten
Mrs. Carolyn Hemingway, Teacher

My Home Is...
    The whole world,
    The most beautiful masterpiece,
    Everyone on this earth,
    Where I have my joyful life,
    Protecting me wherever I am,
    Counting on us to protect it,
    The whole world.

Belknap County Honorable Mention Poet

Emily Hudson
Mrs. Tothill, Teacher

New Hampshire is beautiful
    New Hampshire is beautiful
    All the trees and brightly colored leaves
    The lime green grass,
    And way up high in the sky,
    The white clouds against the dazzling blue sky
    It's beautiful, it's wonderful, New Hampshire 
    As my home!
    New Hampshire has lots of sparkling flowers,
    Swaying in the breeze,
    from New Hampshire's ponds to its lakes.
    It's beautiful, it's wonderful,
    New Hampshire as my home!!
    New Hampshire as my home!

Carroll County Poet

Ethan Floyd
Justin Chapman, Teacher

A Snowy Day
    I jumped out of bed on a Sunday morning.
    My sister's asleep, twisting and turning.
    I looked out the window, through the dim light,
    And saw in front of me a snowy delight.
    Then I made my bed and walked down the stairs,
    And the scent of breakfast filled the air.
    After I ate my breakfast and went out to play,
    I realized the tomorrow will be another snowy day.

Chesire County - NONE

Coos County Poet

Emily Galasyn
Mrs. Isabelle Kleinschradt

Nature Itself
    Nature itself is so beautiful;
    Velvety smooth grass and bright flower petals.
    It's so unique;
    It makes me feel like home.
    Nature itself is so relaxing;
    With the wind blowing through my hair,
    And birds chirping in their own way.
    It makes me feel like home.
    Nature itself is also exciting;
    With animals like deer and rabbits thumping through the forest,
    And sometime even little bear cubs playing so cutely.
    It makes me feel like home.
    Nature itself can also be mild;
    From rain pit-patting on the window sill,
    To bears in a heavy sleep for hibernation.
    It makes me feel like home.
    Nature itself is full of life;
    From tiny baby birds being hatched,
    To young sprouts popping out of the ground.
    It makes me feel like home.
    Nature may be big, but it me me feel like home
    And I love it!

Coos County Honorable Mention Poet

Gabrielle Scott
Mrs. Amy Parsons, Teacher

My Mountains
    I love New Hampshire's Mountains.
    They feel like home because of their beauty.
    When their fall leaves are here,
    The colors look like painted pictures.
    When the snow is glistening in the distance,
    It feels like a mountain of diamonds.
    When the buds on the trees bloom, 
    It looks like a new beginning in the world.
    When the leaves are green,
    It looks like the grass in my school yard.
    I love New Hampshire's mountains.
    They feel like home.

Grafton County Poet

Izzy LaBombard
Pam Force, Teacher
Bernice A. Ray School

Comfort of Home
    Fur flying
    Cats wrestle through the house
    Hand-me-down furniture
    Worn down by many generations
    The frappe machine whirls
    And shakes the house
    A sweet smell drifts
    Around the fans in summer
    And winter clothes in winter
    And where an old dog used to be
    A puppy will be soon.    

Grafton County Honorable Mention

Pete Knox
Ms. Phinney, Teacher

Bird's Eye
    A bird's lookout...
    A nest!
    In and out full
    With tears.
    On and on throughout
    The years
    Full of memories old
    And young.
    Waiting for someone
    To come.
    Full of sadness
    And some joy
    Spread and spread
    Throughout the days
    A bird's lookout...
    It's home!

Hillsborough County Poet

Sydney Brackett
Robert Pooler, Teacher
Hollis Upper Elementary School

My Home
    The strong aroma of pine and bark,
    Was flowing through my den,
    Though my place is small and stark,
    Imagine, and for then,
    Everything will seem so real,
    So nice, so sweet, so fine,
    Like a sea edge run, 
    And a setting sun,
    With purity wrapped in twine,
    My mind is where I like to be;
    And though it's small in space,
    My mind feels large and full with thoughts,
    Of my home, a special place.

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention

Brock Higley
Sister Regina, Teacher

Because of You New Hampshire
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I can ski down the White Mountains and feel the wind in my face.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I can swim in Echo Lake and cast a worm to bite.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I can walk into the Flume Gorge and hear the rushing water drumming 
    	through my ears.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I can explore the historical State House and pretend to vote on bills 
    	in the senate chamber.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I can run in the soft yellow sand and catch a wave on my surf board.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I can see the sun's rays peek through the tall pine trees.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I can spot a bright red lady bug napping on a purple lilac bush.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I eagerly wait for the white tailed family to pass through my backyard.
    Because of you New Hampshire
    I have a place called home.

Merrimack County Poet

Anna Heindl
Kathy Gage, Teacher

Backyard Stream
    Over the small hill
    And next to the clear stream
    Of my backyard
    There I sit on the warm mossy rocks
    Listening to the flow
    Of the calm water
    Birds chirp peacefully
    As they glide across the sky
    Here I always feel at home.

Merrimack County Honorable Mention Poet

Maggie Jensen
Mrs. Bennert, Teacher
Bow Elementary School

My Home
    I feel at home in the deep green forest,
    Amongst the squirrels and chipmunks,
    Watching the sky, silent deer among the trees. 
    I feel at home on the windswept, rocky mountain tops,
    With the eagles soaring on the wind,
    And the squirrels scampering, looking for nuts. 
    I feel at home on the bank of icy rivers,
    Watching the fish dart around under water,
    And the bears looking for salmon in the spring.
    I feel at home by the ocean,
    With the clams, the snails, and the dolphins,
    And the great whales swimming in the deep.
    I feel at home on the shores of the lake,
    Where the deer and the moose come to drink,
    And the stars twinkle on the water like fireflies.
    I feel at home amongst the trees and rivers, 
    Near oceans and lakes, on mountains-in Nature.

Rockingham County Poet

Zack Kelley
Mrs. Craig, Teacher
Stratham Memorial School

Feels Like Home
   The Breeze whizzing across my face
   Blue twinkling water splashing against my hand
   Feeling relaxed
   As I look into the lake
   Fish swimming about
   Look across the beautiful water
   And see skiers spray the blue clean lake water
   While cutting in and out of the wake
   The night stars as bright as a candle stick
   While the moon takes the suns place.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention Poet

Noam Hantman
Susan Pitman, Teacher
Hampstead Academy

New Hampshire's Beauty
    Nature's song is everywhere
    New Hampshire is a state that we all share
    Home is a place where friends can be
    Birds flittering from tree to tree
    Granite mountains against the sky
    Purple finches fly and fly
    Pristine rivers to and fro
    The sun shines finely, with its glow
    Over treetops, migrating birds fly
    It's a sight, my, oh my
    Maple syrup, sticky to collect
    The smell is fragrant, and direct
    Deer bounding through the wood
    As a wild animal should
    Animals about everywhere
    Under logs and in the air
    Peaceful, tranquil environment
    It's a scene that's heaven sent
    New Hampshire's beauty you can't hate
    Come one, come all,
    To the Granite State.

Strafford County Poet - NONE

Sullivan County Poet

Georgia Houde
Susan Pullen, Teacher
Plainfield School

The House on the Hill
    There is a 
    On the top of the
    And it shines sharp
    	In the sun
        	And sways
    With the breeze
    		And the house sits
    In the middle of the woods
    	With a view of a broad
    Mountain in the distance
    	And on the other side of the house
    In the night
    	Lights from the city below
        Shine like a Christmas tree
        And then I realize
        That is my beautiful

Sullivan County Honorable Mention Poet

Lauren Anikis
Fran Hills, Teacher
Plainfield School

My House
    Big and gray-blue
    Woods all around
    Small hilly yard
    Pool on the ground
    Bird feeders stand
    Birds come to eat
    Some sneaky squirrels
    Take home a great feast
    My house is special
    It gives me comfort
    Heat and light
    Through day
    Through night.

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