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Robert Frost Farm
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2009 Robert Frost Youth Poet Program Winners and Poems


Robert Frost 2009 Youth Poet

Elizabeth Harrison
Cynthia Williamson, Teacher
Crossroads Academy
95 Dartmouth College Highway
Lyme, NH 03768

Morning Rain Drops
    The early morning sun
Shine on the tips of leaves.
Between two trees,
A spider has spun the web,
Used it, and left it.
It is old, forgotten, and lonely.
But it is lovely.
The rain fell last night.
Now, the drops of water rest,
Still and beautiful,
On its silky strands.
The sun catches on the drops.
They shine with a golden light.
Miniature rainbows of color
All lighting up on little rain drops.
All of a sudden, they are gone.
They will be back with the 
Next spring rain.

Belknap County Poet

Caledonia Hackley
Teacher, Kim Hayes
Gilmanton School
1386 NH Rte. 140
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837

The Ocean
    As I walk upon the brisk sand,
I can hear waves crashing louder and louder,
As I sink into the sand with every step.

I can barely stand the hot sand, Burning my feet as I wade across the sand. I still go forward knowing that the Ocean is right over those hilltops.
Now the sun is unbearably hot on my feet. Next I sprint down the sandy beach. I see the ocean, yes I hear the ocean. I smell the new salty breezy air. Hear the brisk ocean. See the fresh smacking waves.
The ocean is where I want to be. I lay back as I shut my eye lids. Then I drift into a nice slumber. With a quiet kind of peace.
Now I have to leave, goodbye for now.

Belknap County Honorable Mention Poet

Anthony White
Teacher, Mrs. Downing
New Hampton Community School
191 Main St.
New Hampton, NH 03256

The water is falling.
Puddles forming in large circles.
The morning air makes the grass damp.
A dove reaches a puddle and dips his
Beak into the cold blue water.
As the sun rises over the horizon
The water drifts away to be seen
Next day.
The water is falling.

Carroll County Poet

Will Synott
Teacher, Margot Robert
Jackson Grammar School
P.O. Box J
Jackson, NH 03846

Spring River
High up in the White Mountains,
I start out as a trickle from melting snow.
I grow larger as smaller streams join me.
Over time, I wear away a small gully,
And the cold, snowy water laps away at my rocky bank.
My water flies down big waterfalls,
And trickles off smaller ones downstream.
My wet rocks form rapids,
Which carve away at my smooth rock bottom.
My freezing water rushes over rocks
That were once high above the water
I bring sand and sticks down my body, depositing them
When I am too tired to carry them any longer.
Trees cast shadows over my icy waters,
And bubbles are carried away by my strong spring current.
My chilly water splashes in strange
Formations over my moss-covered rocks.
On my long journey to the sea,
I drown out all other sound with my strong and steady gurgle.
My protected coves behind the rocks are home to skimming 
Pond strider and darting minnows.

I am the mighty spring river.

Carroll County Honorable Mention Poet

Logan Beckwith
Teacher, Cynthia Hawkins
Paul School
60 Taylor Way
Sanbornville, NH 03872

N. H. Waterways

Pemigewasset a river,
And an Indian tribe,
How cold it is,
Iíll never know,
Fish and Frogs swim and jump,
Moose and deer drink and eat,
In the unbearable heat,
Theyíll take a swim.
Lake Winnepesauke,
Runs into me,
On its way to the ocean door,
I run through the Merrimack,
Once more!

Chesire County Poet

Jayci Webb
Teacher, Ms. Frank
North Walpole School
17 Cray Rd.
North Walpole, NH 03609

The Sounds of Water

Waves crash beyond the Gentle horizon making Splashes through the air. Children recklessly play around, Somewhere, oh, somewhere.
Rain pings upon my roof As I lie awake in bed.
Waves crash, rain pings, The sounds fly through My head.

Chesire County Honorable Mention Poet

Ember Smith
Teacher, Marianne Fisher
Jaffrey Grade School
18 School St.
Jaffrey, NH 03452

Floating on the waves
Loving the refreshment
ON the great blue sea
All filled with contentment
Tall waves will come
I will brave the water
Nothing can stop me
Going towards a slaughter
Oh thank goodness Iím alright
Nothing else but pushed down
The guests are sleeping in the sand
Hand in hand, a greeting
Everything is grand
Swimming or just sitting
End the swimming fun
Another tall waveís coming
Foam is stirring up
Oh whirlpools started twirling
Am I to be brave?
Maybe Iíll go inside.

Coos County Poet

Amelia Sweatt
Teacher, Mrs. Lane
Errol Consolidated School
99 Main St.
Errol, NH 03579

The Important Water
The Lord has made the great lakes
He lets us use it to make our cakes
We use its sources to fill the troughs
To feed our horses.

Grafton County Poet

Sadhya Garg
Teacher, Alice Eberhardt
Bernice A. Ray School
26 Reservoir Rd.
Hanover, NH 03755

Ocean Waves
Pounding, crashing, rolling waves
Devouring the land
Then letting it go.
Hungry, thirsty
Crystal white foam
R e a c h e s
For the beach
A silent hope
To rule the land
To be the ruler of the world
N E V E R knowing
That already

Grafton County Honorable Mention

Hannah Whitman
Teacher, Pam Force
Bernice A. Ray School
26 Reservoir Rd.
Hanover, NH 03755


Cool and calm
It comes in the darkness
Silently, as though to catch your dreams
It sparkles in the early dawn light
Like millions and millions of diamonds
Making the air crisp
With the smells of a new day dawning
Only to leave again
With the sunís progression

Hillsborough County Poet

Isabelle Jane Kapoian
Teachers, Mrs. Koellmer, Mrs. Parker
Riddle Brook Elementary School
230 New Boston Rd.
Bedford, NH 03110

The Mystical Place
    I am somewhere, or nowhere, I cannot tell.
The only thing that accompanied me here
Are the whispers of the wind and the old trees,
As I tip-toed across their fallen branches and leaves.

The wind whispered in my ear, inviting me to walk farther,
Yet I was careful not to make any small sound,
For I didnít know what animals slid around.

I walked on and saw in between two hills,
A small crevice where the water resides,
So I lay down and heard the sounds of the gurgling water.

The water slid, smooth as silk,
Green and blue as glass,
And gently moved like the wind,
Gliding over rocks and stones, ever-waiting to pass.

The water made a small noise, a very elegant chorus.
The tune, at first a mystery, becoming familiar,
As it came to me, louder and clearer.

The water slowly rolled over rocks and splashed over stones,
Which once stood rigid and sadly alone,
But now, the water smoothed their rough edges, and depleted their sadness.

The soft wind gingerly flowed past and stroked my hair
As I dipped my feet, very sore and bare,
Into the water, breaking the cool surface and causing ripples.

Fish, glints of silver, darted below me, sleek and quick.
The water splashed and rumbled as it embarked on its way.
I donít know yet if I will dream to stay,
But I will always remember this mystical place, nice and elegant, as it may . . .

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention

Kara Lucille Gendron
Teacher, Mrs. Queenan
Pelham Elementary School
61 Marsh Rd.
Pelham, NH 03076

There is something people
May not know,
The importance of, waters
It separates the land form 
The sea
It sustains the life in you
And me

It falls from the sky
In the form of rain.
It soothes a wound,
And takes away pain.
It quenches your thirst on
A hot summerís day.
It cools you off after a
Long day of play.
In the winter water turns
To snow,
Visions of white wherever you
Water can be a food, an art,
A game, but one thing
Always stays the same.
Itís a necessity, in our day
Itís a luxury, in every way

Merrimack County Poet

Sophie Miller
Teachers, Mrs. Minogue, Mrs. Gingrich
Canterbury Elementary School
15 Baptist Rd.
Canterbury, NH 03224

Dreamy Silk Stream

Walking down Prickle hill in the
Evening, I catch a glint in the
Corner of my eye.  It is the stream.

I see the water dancing
Over the mossy rocks
It glitters like a diamond and
Is smooth as silk.

I pull off my shoes and socks
And slip in.  The cold water
Absorbs me and turns
My feet numb.

Now, I donít mind the only 
Crawfish in our stream, Tiny Tim,
Pinching my toes.

What a perfect way to
End the day.  I am content.

Merrimack County Honorable Mention Poet

Henry Fleury
Teacher, Kathy Gage
Bow Elementary School
22 Bow Center Rd.
Bow, NH 03304

A drop of water
A drop of water holds a 
Menagerie of tiny creatures.

Dancing jewels that are a
Dyatom; sparkling figures that 
Frolic in the water.

Little water bears play
Among the reeds and crawl
Under the white blossom of
A water lily.

Water that sparkles like a jewel
Under the water lilyís giant
Platform of foliage with
A splat of colorful petals.

Rockingham County Poet

Kelly Collins
Teacher, Susan Pitman
Hampstead Academy
320 East Rd.
Hampstead, NH 03841

I inhale,
And I exhale.
Water moving through my slitted gills
My pores armor oozing its lush beauty
Making me feel like a king.
It is my stream,
         My sea,
         And my sky.
My fins are slowly proceeding
Back and forth from my scaly being
I see luminance from high above
The sun which gives my water warmth,
	  The key to my kingdomís life.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention Poet

Amber Quinlan
Lynda Jean, Teacher
South Range School
1 Drury Lane
Derry, NH 03038

A Stream
    A stream
	What does it mean?
	What could it mean?
	I feel the rush of water
	On my skin.
	I smell the fresh air.
	I hear the slight crash of small waves.
	I taste the water in the stream.
	I see the forever flowing goddess.
	A goddess always sweet
	Dressed in a white gown.
	The stream moves slowly,
	Also very steadily
	Quietly with a soft whisper
	The stream moves
	Telling me secrets
	As I walk along the shore.
	Secrets only a stream knows.
	A stream . . .
	What does it mean?
	What does it mean?

Strafford County Poet

Zoe Marie Janetos
Teacher, Mrs. Krauss
Rollinsford Grade School
487 Locust St.
Rollinsford, NH 03869


The moist bark
On the
New tree murmurs
To me
That spring is close.
Fat robins
Will come to make
A nest
Of the fallen branches
From the 
Heavy past drifted snow.
Plump worms 
Will wiggle themselves
Out of
The wet ground
From the 
Melted snow.
The swelling river
Tell me to stay
Far away.
Flowers will bloom
A rainbow sea.
Buds will 
Begin to make
The bare trees
Look like
Giant flower vases
I canít
Wait for spring!

Strafford County Honorable Mention Poet

Nicholas Simpson
Teacher, Pamela McAdam-Silver
East Rochester School
773 Portland St.
East Rochester, NH 03868

My Grand Time at a Stream

Had a grand time at a lustrous stream. It had an extremely, icy feeling. Filled with a radiant glow. The water was very shallow. Swish . . . Swoosh . . . Ahhhh! Oops! Fell in the water!

Sullivan County Poet

Jacon Pixley
Susan Pullen, Teacher
Plainfield School
92 Bonner Rd. Meriden, NH 03770

Bloods Brook
Bloods Brook.
Feet touch bottom.
Itsy bitsy nibbles
Of minnows
At my feet.
Flowing water,
Current rushes
Through my toes,
Chilly and wet.
Hear the shhh
Of the brook,
Like the teacher
Is hushing me
To be quiet.
I feel relaxed,
Peaceful, too

Sullivan County Honorable Mention Poet

Noah Forman
Fran Hills, Teacher
Plainfield School 92 Bonner Rd. Meriden, NH 03770

The Journey
Through mountains hills
Valleys cities
It sways it swishes
It hurries it slows

Weíre here it says Where little makes big Where fresh meets salt Where water meets freedom Where all water gathers The ocean

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