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Robert Frost Farm
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2011 Robert Frost Youth Poet Winning Poems

2011 Robert Frost Youth Poet

Ben Mathias
Ms. Hawkins, teacher
The Paul School
60 Taylor Way
Sanbornville, N.H. 03872


I see snow-capped tops that rise from the clouds,
I see green pine trees that blow in the wind,
This is what itís like when youíre on a mountain.

The cold snow that freezes you at touch,
The rough rock side that makes it whole,
This is what itís like when youíre on a mountain.

Hear the birds chirping as you make your way to the top,
Hear the shaking of the tree branches as you pass by,
This is what itís like to be on a mountain.

Taste the sweet berries that grow in the bushes,
If the bears and birds donít get them first,
This is what itís like to be on a mountain.

Smell the fresh air as you climb up the sides,
Smell the pine needles that rise overhead,
Thatís what itís like when youíre on a mountain.

Belknap County Poet

Christine Beane
Ms. Kristina Conti, teacher
Holy Trinity School
50 Church St.
Laconia, NH 03246


When spring comes around,
	Water flows down
The side of the mountain.
	When hiking a trail,
The sound of creeks ring
	In your ears.

	At this time,
All the snow has melted
In the heat of the fiery,
	Orange ball,
	Lit up in the sky
	As we tilt closer.

	You see the chipmunks
Running up and down trees,
Waiting for the arrival of summer.
	Birds frantically fly
Back and forth from branch to branch,
	Collecting for a nest.

	Thankful for the view,
	The people with you, too,
	Thankful for the flowers,
	Watered by the showers.

	All of the sights and sounds
	Of a mountain spring.
	A reminder to count blessings.

Belknap County Honorable Mention Poet

Renee Corriveau
Mrs. Faria, teacher
Pleasant Street School
350 Pleasant St.
Laconia, NH 03246

Oh, mountain, oh mountain, high up in the sky,
Can you answer my questions, can you tell me why,
There is snow on the top, and dirt down below,
Rocks in the middle, How can it be so?

The elevation is higher, the condensation is cold,
Up on the top it freezes your toes, yet down by
The bottom, where the weather is warm,
Is where I see hikers, walking through not a storm.

Do you ever see people way up on your top?

Sometimes in bundles, about ready to freeze,
But never do they climb to the top with ease.

Thank you, dear mountain, Iíve learned a whole lot,
I canít wait to climb you, Iíll reach the top!

Carroll County Poet

Ariana Hilliard
Carol McKinley, teacher
Moultonborough Central School
P. O. Box 149
916 Whittier Highway
Moultonborough, NH 03254

Let Us Head Home

Let us head home
Through the tall, tall grass
Following the sunshine
As it dances all around us.

Let us breathe 
In the cool mountain air
As we make our way
Through the fog
To the cool river water.

Let us go home with the breeze
On our backs as darkness sets in surrounding us.

The fading sun casts a sleepy shadow over
The nearby town, the creatures big and small begin
	To turn in.

Let us go home to our cabin on high
Nestled amongst us, the early spring garden.

The clouds are softly resting and the 
Brooks are quietly babbling as we
Drift off to sleep on mother natureís 

Carroll County Honorable Mention Poet

Christopher Martin
Susan Dobbs, teacher
Cornerstone Christian Academy
129 Rt. 28
Ossipee, NH 03864

The Climb

I am ready for my big adventure.
When I start to climb, I feel excited.
I can feel the rocks under my feet.
They tickle.

I can hear the stream flowing past.
The rocks tumbling as I walk.

When I reach the top I can see
A wonderful view of all the

Cheshire County Poet

Kamron Pritchard
Mrs. Sergeant, teacher
James Faulkner School
200 School St.
Stoddard, NH 03464

The Old Man of the Mountain

The old man of the
Mountain looks very fluid
Might be very rough

Cheshire County Honorable Mention Poet

Marcus Copeland Clark
Mrs. Sergeant, teacher
James Faulkner School
200 School St.
Stoddard, NH 03464

The Old Manís Poem

Rocky, man-like hill
Sunny, Orange, luminous
Dim, thick, red, cloudy

Coos County Poet

Dillan Petrie
Mrs. Galasyn, teacher
Stratford Public School
19 School St.
Stratford, NH 03590

The mountains of New Hampshire are by far the very best,
They are wonderful for hiking or a picnic if you wish.
All year long theyíre beautiful as seasons pass us by.
So, come to New Hampshire and give our mountains a try!

Grafton County Poet

Jacob Slaughter
Alice Eberhardt, teacher
Bernice A. Ray School
26 Reservoir Rd.
Hanover, NH 03755

The Nature of the Peaks

Shrouded by the Morning Mist
Tall, majestic, proud.
Hikers climbing to the top
Tall, majestic, proud.
Weathered peaks and luscious slopes
Tall, majestic, proud.
Sometimes jutting, sometimes ragged
Tall, majestic, proud.
Sometimes smooth and sometimes subtle
Tall, majestic, proud.
One thing they have in common, though
Tall, majestic, proud.
They are all time and mystery
Tall, majestic, proud.

Grafton County Honorable Mention Poet

Jack Lynch Steven Dayno, teacher The Lyme School 35 Union St. Lyme, NH 03768


Small streams trickle down it,
Short trees sway on it,
A fresh, brisk breeze blows over it,
It is a mountain.

Hillsborough County Poet

Cameryn Nichols,
Elaine Hebert, teacher
Infant Jesus School
3 Crown St.
Nashua, NH 03060

The Power of a Mountain

Year after year I sit here watching wildlife roam
Also I watch the flowers grow and the wild rivers foam.
Once I saw a little girl with big, brown eyes.
She sat down, hugged her knew, then began to cry.
I asked her what was wrong through the gentle wind.
She answered saying, ďI have just lost my very best friend.Ē
My natural beauty calmed her right down,
Then on her face I saw a smile instead of a frown.
You can always count on me to solve any problem at all.
Whether itís a big problem, a medium problem, or a problem very small.
So if you have an issue, come to me right away,
I promise you Iíll have something good to say.

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention Poet

Molly Riley
Leslie Riley, homeschool teacher
38 Constance St.
Bedford, NH 03110

The Summit

Warm wind flows through my hair
As I walk I hear chipmunks rustle in the trees.
The sounds of streams are trickling down the mountain.
As I walk I enjoy the smell of sap dripping
Down the maple trees.
I hike further up, the trees are getting
Smaller and smaller.
I can tell I am close.
Finally I hike to the summit.
I eat lunch at the summit.
As I eat I enjoy the scenery of the mountains.
Hiking back down is exhausting,
But I know I achieved my goal.

Merrimack County Poet

Grace OíNeill
Ms. Ray Conner, teacher
Green Valley School
389 Pembroke St.
Pembroke, NH 03275

Spring On The Mountain

Spring on the mountain is just so sweet.
When butterflies fly like soft wheat.
The butterflies land on just-right grass,
As the wind blows softly past.
But somewhere above, you talk to me.
When youíre upset, you blow angrily.
When youíre happy, you flow like a gentle stream.
You always let me know what you mean.

Merrimack County Honorable Mention Poet

Katherine Wieck
Mrs. Karen Gingrich, Mrs. Theresa Minogue, teachers
Canterbury Elementary School
15 Baptist Rd.
Canterbury, NH 03224

A Day of a Mountain

The coolness of the wet morning
Dew is refreshing on the White Mountains

The smells of pine and crisp leaves
Fill the air

Giant trees towering over like umbrellas

A doe leads its fawn to some delectable
Grass on the mountainside

The sun is shining like a ball
Of fire in the mid-afternoon sky

Radiant sunsets stretch
Across the everlasting sky day after day

The forest animals walk, fly,
And swim in the beautiful
Glow of the sunset.

Rockingham County Poet

Nicole Blanchard
Ms. Susan Pitman, teacher
Hampstead Academy
320 East Rd.
Hampstead, NH 03841


Downward, Downward,
I drop to the ground.  Scant as a feather, I gently lie
Upon the mountainís rocky ground.
Blowing, Blowing,
The wind picks up as I silently glide through the 
Mountainís canopy.  I let the wind blow against my
Mahogany-colored stem and the veins that bring
Me nutrients.
Rising, Rising,
I soar over the dense ground where the animals
Frolic, over the tree limbs where the birds sing their
Song of the mountain, and up, up into the endless sun-filled sky.
I look over all the fiery autumn colors and all 
The glory of my peaceful kingdom upon the mountain.
Downward, Downward,
I drop to the ground once more
Slowly, I descend to the granite covered earth,
In which I call home.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention Poet

Jared Burns
Mrs. Tager, teacher
Barron School
55 Butler St.
Salem, NH 03079

New Hampshire Mountains
Oh mountains youíre so tall and bright. Towering
At your colossal height.  Poking into the bright blue
Sky.  You can probably see the whole world if
Youíre up that high!  Birds dare each other to fly
Over your peak and end up going through the 
Atmosphere as a comet streak.  To the mountains I
Will now say good-bye, the New Hampshire Mountain
Up there high in the sky.

Strafford County Poet

Jackie Kovalcin
Aimee Krauss, teacher
Rollinsford Grade School
487 Locust St.
Rollinsford, NH 03869


The mountain stream
	Took my soul.
The mangey birdís call
	Took my heart.
The magical waterfall
	Took my beliefs.
I am now a mountain.

Strafford County Honorable Mention Poet

Emelia Lamie
Pamela McAdam-Silver, teacher
East Rochester School
773 Portland St.
East Rochester, NH 03868

Hiking Through The Beautiful Scenes

I hope to go hiking today
To behold all the beautiful scenes
The emerald trees
The sparkling water
And the evergreens
As the lifeless trees die
Seedlings grow in their places
Developing fresh growth becomes
Tall narrow trees
Sparkling water shimmers in streams
Beautiful trees sway in the wind
Hiking to the summit
Breathtaking scenery surrounds me

Sullivan County Poet

Morgan Gunn
Ms. Sue Unsworth, teacher
Goshen-Lempster Cooperative
29 School Rd.
Lempster, NH 03605

High Above Me

I see the mountain
Stand high above me.

I start to climb it.

As I climb I look back.
The breezy weather goes through
Me like a ghost.

At the top
The sun glints off the shiny mica.

I look up at the sun then look
Back down at the rocky trail.

Suddenly I knew it was time to go.
So I hurried down the mountain
To get home before sunset.

I see the mountain stand high above me.

Sullivan County Honorable Mention Poet

Sarah Ball
Mindy Taber, teacher
Plainfield Elementary School
92 Bonner Rd.
Meriden, NH 03770

Mountain By a Lake
Mountain by a lake silhouetted in the sky
My, thatís beautiful I say
The reflection of mountain the lake ripples in the wind
Iím astonished at the beauty of it
The colorful mountain in the morning
As night falls, everything seems to disappear
All except the mountain by a lake
I can still see the lake and mountain by it
Standing still in the cool night breeze
Wind making ripples in the water
I can barely make out the mountain
It looks just as pretty as before
The mountainís reflection in the water
The purple, blue, gray mountain stands tall
It will be there forever

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