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Robert Frost Farm
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2012 Robert Frost Youth Poet Program Winners

2012 Robert Frost Youth Poet

Katie Naughton
Bernice A. Ray School, Hanover
Teacher, Alice Eberhardt


In another world
Zoned out
Rockets, dolphins, new sneakers
Anything BUT work!
Recess, where are you?
Save me
From one innocent piece of paper,
Blank paper.
Just waiting
For words
Not 2, but 100 words
S t r e t c h ahead of me
Arms ready to embrace
Not just any, but one
Ticonderoga No. 2 pencil
Why am I here?
I should be out
Screaming, laughing, giggling
With my friends, on the swings
Down the slide!
Not in here, word after word
Writing madly.
I hate work, I just want to play!
Thatís all Iím asking, one thing, to play!

Belknap County Poet

Molly G. Wrobel
Gilmanton School, Gilmanton Iron Works
Teacher, Mrs. Tothill

I Grew Up in New Hampshire

I grew up running wild,
Where the Earth is free to bloom,
Where it never took much to bring on a smile,
And for newcomers there is always room.

I grew up playing games,
And finishing my chores,
And dancing as it rains,
Then mopping up the floors.

I grew up singing songs,
Walking early to tromp in the early morning dew,
But still we seem to long,
For those old and comforting bird coos.

I grew up a dreamer,
And making crowns from stray flowers,
And listening to the catís heartwarming purr,
While hoping for some summer showers.

I grew up raking leaves,
And waiting for school to come,
Then trying not to lose the house keys,
And waiting for lunch as moans come from my tummy.

I grew up with the icy freeze,
And pulling on an extra sock,
Finally hauling in the Christmas trees,
And gasping at winter shocks.

I grew up free, free to be me,
So never shall I roam,
For I have my old New Hampshire home.

Belknap County Honorable Mention Poet

Stephanie Surowiec
Sanbornton Central School, Sanbornton
Teacher, Jacqulyn Blake

An Awesome Fall Day

I see the young, cheerful kids
Jump in the giant pile of crisp
Colored leaves that have fallen from
The old, brown tree.

The smell of the delicious pumpkin
Pie that excites the children as they
Come running into the warm, white house.

They sit down to eat their delicious, pumpkin pie and their
Sweet, apple cider.

After, they go back out in their heavy, comfortable coats into the cool,
Fall breeze as the happy, song-filled birds greet them.

Carroll County Poet

Maya Weil-Cooley
Sandwich Central School, Center Sandwich
Teacher, Justin Chapman

Work Rewarded

My work is often brightened
For looking forward to play
Which I know will be my friend
But not if my work does stray.

Once in a week or a month or a year
I deny myself pleasure to work
For Iím always behind,
Even though I work till Iím almost stone blind.

After work I brighten more
For my workís well done
And Iím looking for some fun
Even if itís just
Doing something that I must
Like giving carrots to the horse next door.

Carroll County Honorable Mention Poet

Emma Eidmann
Moultonborough Central School, Moultonborough
Teacher, Carol McKinley

The Man and the Child

The man works.
The child plays.
As man watches child
He remembers playing
With his toy car.

Child ponders what it
Would be like to work,
Do everything, no school.

Man gazes at child
Playing, laughing, learning, fun.

How, how can they do it?

Change, wish, switch.

Cheshire County Poet

Elsi Ojanen
Rindge Memorial School, Rindge
Teacher, Alison Heon

A Day at Hampton Beach

Lilac trees, gentle breeze, time
To play in the sun.  Car is packed
We will have a blast, letís have
Some summer fun.  Riding in the car,
In my bathing suit, listening to the 
Radio, I hope we will get there soon.
Up and down the streets,
Until I smell sea air, we stop the
Car, I get out quick, I canít
Believe weíre here!  Sunscreen slathered
Over me, goggles on tight, waves are as
High as can be.  I think Iíll be alright.
Sand and water at my feet, the 
Summer sun up high, boogie boarding all around,
This is lots of fun!  Reading in my beach chair, until high tide is done, water
Spraying at my face, this is so much 
Fun!  Finding lots of rocks and shells,
Swimming in the blue, water many miles
Around, lots of crabs too!  A lot of 
Colors, flashing lights, itís time for
The fireworks show, Boom! Bang! Pow!
Yeah! Iím afraid itís time to go.
The summer day has come to an
End, like seaweed washing away.
But donít worry Hampton Beach,
Iíll be back another day.

Grafton County Poet

Ani Menkov
Bernice A. Ray School, Hanover
Teacher, Pam Force

The Quest of Laundry

Down the stairs
Falling with a muffled thump
Our chore, laundry, is a journey downstairs
Through the treacherous kitchens
Past firebreathing little brothers
And we are knights in shining armor
(Moving dirty laundry)

Grafton County Honorable Mention Poet

Tristan Meyer
Lyme School, Lyme
Teacher, Steven Dayno

Mix Your Work and Play

I can work much harder
If I add a little play.
Then it turns fun
And work seems ok.

I can play much better
If work is involved.
My soccer game goes well
And my crossword puzzles solved.

So my message in this poem is
Mix your work and play
You will get a lot of good stuff done
And youíll do it every day.

Living in New Hampshire
Where birds can freely soar
Itís easy to mix your work and play
Because itís right outside your door.

Hillsborough County Poet

Michelle Freeman
Griffin Memorial School, Litchfield
Teacher, Amy Ashe

Work and Play in Your Garden

When you water a garden itís both work and play
You can pretend that youíre fighting a fire,
Or that youíre Cinderella and you have to
Work all day.
And when youíre surrounding your garden with wire,
You can pretend you are a policeman scaring
Children away.
Or when N.H.ís state bird, the purple finch,
Comes for a visit to eat cherries off of your tree,
You can take pictures until it flies away.
If one day you visit your garden,
And you find your pumpkins squashed,
Blame the white tailed deer and give them
No pardon.
So is planting a garden more work or
More play?
To find out yourself, plant an acorn today!

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention Poet

Sophis Pajakowski
Mount Saint Mary Academy, Manchester
Teacher, Julie Pietocarlo

Play in New Hampshire

On a nice sunny day
In the beautiful month of May
I was walking in the park
Of General John Stark
When a white tailed deer
Came and whispered in my ear,
ďCome and play with me
Under the lovely birch tree!Ē
Our game was fun
And nearly done
When a purple finch flew by.
He landed with a sigh
On a granite rock nearby.
He begged, ďWonít you sing with me?Ē
We accepted with glee
And sang, ďI love New Hampshire naturally!Ē

Merrimack County Poet

Matthew Ferland
Bow Elementary School, Bow
Teacher, Suzie Percy

Painting a Fence

Iím painting a fence,
A big, boring old fence,
Why do I paint this fence?
My parents of course,
I would rather be playing,
My parents know that too,
But of course, I have to paint this fence.
I could be playing tag instead,
But I have to paint this fence.
This fence is a problem,
A big problem for me, that is,
Of course I could be playing,
But I have to paint this fence.
I wish I could play X-Box,
Or maybe the Wii instead,
But I have to paint this fence.
Itís all because of a little chore,
I have to paint this big fence.
I still wish I could play instead,
But I have to paint this fence.

Merrimack County Honorable Mention Poet

Andrew Larkin
Hooksett Memorial School, Hooksett
Teachers, Karen Roy, Rosanne Beaudoin

Lemonade Stand (Haiku)

A Lemonade Stand
Squeeze the Lemons for the juice
Iím tired and rich

Rockingham County Poet

Holly Galvin
Rye Elementary School, Rye
Teacher, Jacquie DeFreze

Isles of Shoals

I am the Isles of Shoals
You will recognize me by Star Island
Lighthouse and my 9 islands
Step inside me and you will hear waves
Crashing and you will see people working
To restore me
You will feel the ocean breeze
Look around and see a lighthouse towering
Over your head
I am the Isles of Shoals.

Visit me in the summer and you will feel
The warmth of the sun
However, if you visit me in the winter
You should bundle up
My climate has cool ocean breezes
I am the Isles of Shoals

I provide a home for seals, birds, and fish
But you would never find skyscrapers.
Listen closely and you will hear seagulls
Iím known for my beautiful shores
Look closely and you will see old bombshells
On Duck Island.
Iím the Isles of Shoals.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention Poet

Jacob Cogswell
D.J. Bakie Elementary School, Kingston
Teacher, Lindsay Macintosh
Manchester Monarchs

Many weird and unique fans
Always a battling team
Never giving up
Check into the boardsóBOOM!
Helping each other play better
Energetic mascotóMax
Sweaty players going to locker room
Tough amazing team
Even when they lose, they just play harder!
Revving the Zamboniís big engine

Monsters when trying hard
Oh what a stop by Jeff Zatkoff!
Never will you see a hole in the defensive line
Always skating quickly through the lion hear
Room in the goal big mistake
Check in the neutral zone
Holy moly what a game Monarchs win in OT
Shooting and scoring, this is awesome!

Strafford County Poet

Caitlyn Murray
New Durham Elementary School
Teacher, Allison Wasson

Play on a Beautiful Day

Every day, I ride my bike
Down the street,
One of us brings
A chocolate treat.

Either we play inside
Or on the yard.
We sometimes make
Each other a card.

We say ďNew Hampshire
Is the best.Ē
Then we see
A mother birdís nest.

On hot afternoons
We just lay down on the ground.
We look at the clouds that 
Are fluffy all around.

When we have to say good-bye
We say, ďTomorrow, can we play?Ē
After that, I go to bed and say,
ďIím going to play on a beautiful day.Ē

Sullivan County Poet

Amita Ayer
Sunapee Elementary School
Teacher, Heather Cantagallo

Mt. Sunapee

The tourists love it,
And so do we.
We like to hike,
And we like to ski.
Teachers give lessons,
Volunteers do too.
A zipline is coming,
That will be new.
The sledding is fun,
Down the big hill.
The Lodge has hot chocolate,
To take off the chill.
Mt. Sunapee
Has lots to do,
Come to work,
Come to play,
And you will be
Busy everyday!

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