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Robert Frost Farm
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2013 Robert Frost Youth Poet Program Winners

Robert Frost Youth Program State Poet

Angelika Bouley
Teacher, Tristan Bowen
Riddle Brook School
Bedford, NH

A Granite State Spring

In a sunny place alone,
Where flowers on trees bloom is my home;
Trees swaying, grassy, green as they float along;
Birds chirping a beautiful song.

Fragrance in the air;
"This is your home forever to share,"
The wind whispers to me;
This is a place I will always be.

Purple wings fly so near;
White birch leaves drop a tear;
Four brown legs run past me
To wait and hide behind a tree.

Red with spots,
Black polka dots;
Butterfly as blue as the sky,
Why do you fly so high?

Carroll County Poet

Megan Swedberg
Teacher, Carol McKinley
Moultonborough Central School
Moultonborough, NH

A Hope, A Dream, A Magic Theme

If you believe 
Deep inside your soul
Dreams come true
And hopes soar, then
Wish upon a shooting star
Passing through the moonlit night.
In the midnight sky
Wonders and dreams fly
Hopes in the bottom of the wishing well
With dreams that come true.
Walking on clouds
We not only listen with our ears
But with our hearts,
The flowing rivers,
The smiles in our eyes,
The mountains touching the sky
The feelings touching our minds
Are magical and true.
Do you believe in me?
I believe in you.

Cheshire County Poet

Mary-Kate Vasilak
Teacher, Sister Mary Peter
Immaculate Heart of Mary School
Richmond, NH

My Needs and Nots

When I grow up, Iíd like to be
A farmer-which would really suit me.
A lawnmower I would not need
'Cause goats I would have indeed.
I would not need an alarm clock
'Cause the rooster would crow and cock.
I would not need a trap for a mouse
'Cause I would have a cat in the house.
I would not need a car, of course,
'Cause I would have a very fast horse.
I would not need to go to the store
'Cause I would have it right at my door.

Grafton County Poet

Kara Wittmann
Teacher, Pam Force
Bernice A. Ray School
Hanover, NH

The Land

A land we once called
Home is no longer free
A land we cherish
A land we love
For the ground is our brother
And the trees are our sisters
In which both
Are as sacred as our elders
But the ground
Our houses lay upon
Was taken by white men
Who we thought were our friends
But their greed for land
That's not yours or mine
Persuaded them to 
Be so cruel
But still the same we will keep
This land in our hopes
And dreams
That someday this land
Will be free again!

Grafton County Honorable Mention Poet

Autumn Braley
Teacher, Angela Bregholm
Bridgewater-Hebron Village School
Bridgewater, NH

Hopes and Dreams

Everything has to start with a dream . . .

Dreaming can lead you to expand your imagination.
Dreaming can lead you to open doors.
Dreaming can lead you to change the world.
Dreaming can lead you to reach for the stars
And touch the sky.

My dream is to help children reach their goals.
My dream is to teach them if they don't succeed
To keep on trying.
My dream is to make a difference in the world.
My dream is to dream on  and on.

Hillsborough County Poet

Victoria Gloor
Teacher, Ms. Liston
Pelham Elementary School
Pelham, NH

That One Day Will come Soon

One day when I just sat there,
Listening to the birds.
They were singing a song.
One Iíve not heard
They were singing about all their hopes and dreams,
And wishing the world wouldn't rip at its seams.
I thought it was wonderful!
Those two birds and their song.
It was like watching them not fall.
Then I realized that their dreams were like mine.
I thought and I thought.
I did all the thinking I could.
My thought was that we, those birds and I,
Could change the world.
I hope, oh I hope, that one day that I thought of will come soon.
Maybe tomorrow,
I donít know.
All I know is that it's coming soon.

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention Poet

Gaven Huot
Teacher, Julie Pietrocarlo
Mount Saint Mary Academy
Manchester, NH

I wish, I Dream, I Hope

I wish to have an eagle's flight,
An owl's sight in the black of night.
I dream to have a cheetah's speed
And to the poor I dream to feed.
I hope to have a hawk's strategy
And to never have an allergy.
I very much wish to see
A wolf, a fox, and a chimpanzee.
I dream to have peace and not war
And over tree tops I dream to soar.
I hope to travel to and from
But most of all, to be in God's kingdom.

Merrimack County Poet

Jack Roberge
Teacher, Jeannette Whaland
Bow Elementary School
Bow, NH

The Beauties of Nature

Nature is my hope
And all of my dreams,
Deep in the forest
It flows like a stream.

Nature is my dream
And all of my hope,
I watch the starry
Night with my telescope.

Nature is my hope
And all of my dreams,
Through the purple skies
It shoots up like a beam.

Nature is my dream
And all of my hope,
Mouth-watering blueberries
And wonderful cantaloupe.

Nature is my hope
And all of my dreams,
Though it's very different
It always comes together as one seam.

Merrimack County Honorable Mention Poet

Katie Nagy
Teacher, Mrs. Bennert
Bow Elementary School
Bow, NH

Hopes and Dreams

My hopes and dreams are always in color
Blue for the bluebirds soaring in the air,
Green for the trees that we see everywhere.
White for the snow that falls every winter,
And yellow for the sun that shines
Every spring and summer.

When I'm looking through the crystal clear lake,
I think of my hopes and dreams,
How they're always in color
Like pink, yellow, red, and green.
My hopes and dreams must be swimming.

Wishing that they would come true.
Which would be my wish too.
My hopes and dreams are never dark,
They're always shining and shimmering.

Rockingham County Poet

Natalie Manser
Teacher, Mrs. DeFreze
Rye Elementary School
Rye, NH

I am . . . the hopes and dreams of education.
I wonder . . . if I will achieve my goals.
I hear . . . my "Dixon Ticonderoga" pencil pressing down
Hardly in results, making loud noises and displaying frustration and hard work.
I see . . . why I need to work hard, and study using every hour daylight gives me, and really want it, in order to excel.
I hope . . . when I get older my children will think highly of me and look up to me as someone bright and I want them to continue my goals and excel in education.
I am . . . the hopes and dreams of education.
I pretend . . . to be a teacher for it helps me gain knowledge, learn and progress in subjects I struggle in.
I feel . . . proud of myself and confidence runs in circles and multiplies inside of me.
I touch . . . the brick wall on a tour of my highly desired high school
"Philips Exeter Academy" and suddenly shivers rush through me.
I worry . . . that Iím not good enough to be accepted into nice schools.
I cry . . . when I hear that some children may not attend school for lack of money or they have issues with the schools.
I am . . . the hopes and dreams of education.
I understand . . . that if I am not accepted to my desired school not to be gloomy, for I should be proud for my effort and hard work.
I say . . . teachers are like candles because they "light the way" for others.
I dream . . . of tearing open a tightly sealed envelope that holds an acceptance letter
I try . . . my hardest to excel and do what is necessary to achieve my goals.
I hope . . . others will work hard and excel to reach their goals.
I am . . . the hopes and dreams of education.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention Poet

Liam Van Epps
The Cornerstone School
Stratham, NH

I love the New Hampshire breeze
I love New Hampshire leaves.
I love the New Hampshire snow.
All of these are New Hampshire treasures,
Better than gold, better than silver.
I hope and dream there will always be snow,
There will always be leaves,
But most of all,
There will always be the breeze.

Strafford County Poet

Adam Todd
Teacher, Pamela McAdam-Silver
East Rochester School
East Rochester, NH

The Choice Is Yours

A dream
 I have
Everybody can make their own choices
Making choices is life
They guide you to one road
Other choices
Make you happy
Choices can make you sad
When you arrive to a path
Make sure you decide
Which path is yours
Paths are long and windy, but 
Every step is your choice.

Sullivan County Poet

Alexis Bonfiglio-Eaves
Teacher, Heather Cantagallo
Sunapee Elementary School
Sunapee, NH

Hopes & Dreams

I hope and I dream
That the blue jay
Will come on beating wings

I hope and I dream
That the trout
Will come to the stream

I hope and I dream
That the deer
Will come with a team

I hope and I dream
So many 
Wonderful things.

Sullivan County Honorable Mention Poet

Chloe Martin
Teacher, Autumn Levasseur
Unity Elementary School
Unity, NH

N. H. Nature's Beautiful Lands

I dream N. H. will come to me.
It's so peaceful, don't you agree with me?
The maple trees grow so clean.
N. H. is the place for me.

I hope today I will stay in N. H.
I hope the animals see me.
Can't you believe me?

The white tailed deer tells me
I will soon dream of the smell & taste
Of berry, & cherry trees.

I hear the streams of Lake Sunapee coming to me.
I feel the wind take me away.
I hope & dream that 
N. H. is telling me to stay another day.

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