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Robert Frost Farm
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2014 Robert Frost Youth Poet Program Winners

State Youth Poet

Daisy Helm
Mrs. DeFreze
Rye Elementary School

Twists and Turns

We endlessly hike Mt. Washington to absorb its
	beauty and wildlife

We drive in our diverse cars to savor the loving memories
	of the Old Man of the Mountain

We ski on twinkling, icy flakes, and enjoy the warmth of
	our cozy ski cottage

We pace tranquilly through an ancient covered bridge and peer at
	the devoted, intricate woodwork of a craftsman from long ago

We all take twists and turns

We relish the colorful blossoms and the busy buzzing bees of
	musical Prescott Park

We lazily bike along Moose Alley and gaze off into the 
	gorgeous fall foliage

We take a field trip to read the flowing work of the 
	well-known Robert Frost

We all travel and see the glorious sights of NH

	We all take twists and turns 

Carroll County Poet

Dakota Mako
Carol MicKinley
Moultonborough Central School

The Leaf
I walk along the woods, visitors abandoned.
Then I see a single visitor
Skipping along the road.
I think to myself, and see it is an oak leaf.
The wind picks up and now the town is busy
With all the leaves skipping about doing 
Their daily things.
Then the wind dies and 
Everything is quiet.
All those leaves gone.
I walk along some more and I see
The whole town is gone.
I make a fairy house for that 
Small leaf to stay.
I walk home and go to bed
I wake up the next morning to see
The fairy house gone,
But that single leaf is there.
It survived, that single leaf,
It survived.

Carroll Country Honorable Mention Poet

Kaitlyn Morin
Mrs. Laura Rice
Moultonborough Central School

The Traveling Leaf

As I watch the leaf flutter
Down.  I see the rushing water.
The leaf is brown.
I see an otter passing by.
The stream sparkles.
As I lay on my back I watch
The puffy clouds zip by.
A fly lands on me.  I feel like
A chair.  Why should I care?
I feel the sun shine on my hair.
The breeze flies through the
Trees.  As I look back at my
Leaf the leaf is wet and crumbly
From its rough ride down the 

Grafton County Poet

Lily Versteeg
Pam Force
Bernice A. Ray School


I spread my wings and run.
Soon I am soaring above the land.
I dip and dive,
Letting the wind ruffle my feathers.
I circle around and around,
Searching the fields for food.
Suddenly, a voice rouses me from my fantasy.
"Lily, I asked you a question.
Can you tell me what type of lever this is?"
I find myself in a classroom
With 3 types of levers on the board
The door to my fantasy clicks shut.

Grafton County Honorable Mention Poet

Andrew Newman
Ruth E. Harlow
Holderness Central School

That Summer

That Sahara of burning sand,
That dark blue water,
And those big rocks,
And those little scavengers
That walk left to right,
Those really sharp seashells,
That safari of grass,
Hope that summer comes

Hillsborough County Poet

Erin Golden
Courtney Hannah
Memorial School

As The Road Drifts By

As the road drifts by,
I look out
And see the sky
Falling back behind me.

As the road drifts by,
I am progressing against the world
And I wonder why
The world seems so still.

As the road drifts by,
I will stay right here, but move too
And here I will lie,
Moving past the open land.

As the road drifts by,
The sun seems to back away
Floating up so high
And I'm still here,
As the road drifts by.

Hillsborough County Honorable Mention Poet

Alexa Tuck
Susan Senecal
Hills Garrison School

Robinson's Pond, My Favorite New Hampshire Place

The wind howls
The water speaks
Birds chirp their morning symphony
I jump in the watr
Hoping to see little fish to catch in my hand.
This place is like my home;
Because it is my heart
I have to leave alongside
The sun
But I will be back again,
Looking forward to fun.

Merrimack County Poet

Jozlyn Piwowarczyk
Ms. Rehm
Hooksett Memorial School

I watch the raindrops
Travel down my window
I wonder where their
Destiny shall be
In the sea or on
My windows watching
I will forever
Wonder where they will

Merrimack County Honorable Mention Poet

Alison Bright
Ms. Boucher
Hooksett Memorial School


All over the world, no wings, no fuel
Over the mountains, rivers, and school,
I see the birds, pigeons to crows, 
How am I doing this?  Nobody knows.

Rockingham County Poet

Anastasia Rao
Mrs. Tager
Barron School

Traveling to Mount Washington in N.H.

Traveling in New Hampshire is so much funó
In rain, wind, and also sun!
One of the best places to go and see,
Is Mount Washington, with lovely trees.
Go up the mount through many days of the year,
And when you get to the summit, I know you will cheer,
At the glorious sights, some misty, some clear.
Then go in the building that is near the tip top,
There you can eat, sightsee and shop!
When you are satisfied, go back down,
On a Cog Railway train back to the town.
If your smile was big, feel free to come back soon,
For many more of New Hampshire's wonders are waiting for you.

Rockingham County Honorable Mention Poet

Maggie Berrigan
Ms. Fiset

Hampstead Central School

When I walk about,
I certainly have no doubt
What I see is hard to find,
But it's perfect in my mind
Chilly and warm all at the same time.

Trees of every color when
At fall time I travel to the
Mountains I travel to the shore
New Hampshire is so beautiful
I ask for nothing ore.

Everything I see is pure bliss
To me.  To me everyone
New Hampshire is worth the
Sight see I grow so far I've yet
To flea.

New Hampshire means to me my home
State, my home place I live in
New Hampshire that's what New 
Hampshire means to me.

Strafford County Poet

Sarah Lyon
Matthew Van Ledtje
Moharimet School

Coming Home

As the steel prison that holds me shuttles down a narrow path
Minutes drag by seeming like endless tunnels of time.
Through the narrow slits that serve as windows,
I see trees whizzing past on either side,
Lying in beds of moss, grass and ferns,
Interrupted only by the occasional boulder or lake.
Up ahead mountains loom hight above
Encasing the towns below in shadows.
The silence is suffocating.

I close my eyes.  I see a small clearing.
In the clearing is a cottage with a long meadow behind it.
Lime grass sways and wild strawberries shine like rubies.
A lake with ripples caused by the melodious voice of the wind
Is in the center of that meadow.
Trees loom like giants around the clearing and meadow.
This is the home in my imagination.
The home I see in my mind and heart.

I open my eyes.  The land in my imagination slides from view.
Finally, the shuttle rolls to a stop.
My new home was just as I imagine.
The lake, the clearing, the meadow, the cottage and even the trees
I may be starting over in a new land, a new house, a new life,
But right then I knew that this would be
A good new land, a good new home, a good new life.

Strafford County Honorable Mention Poet

Ali Arrigoni
Aimee Krauss
Rollinsford Grade School

Going home!

Through the woods I've been,
Still wandering the endless trees.
I've heard the water trickling,
I've seen the white tailed deer.
I've smelled the scent of maple leaves
As they fly upon the rear.

And yet I'm still not tired,
When my legs are dragged along
Because going to my family
Excites me ten times more than gone.

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